Inpatient Psychiatric Services (Adults 18 and older)

At AM Behavioral Health we accept referrals 24/7 from hospitals and other community providers for individuals who are experiencing a severe acute mental health crisis. All potential admissions will be screened and assessed for eligibility by a psychiatrist, physician extender (PA, APN), medical doctor, or health officer based on the following:

1. Cannot be safely treated in the community at another level of care

2. Represents a substantial risk of physical harm to self or others

3. The individual requires supervision to decrease risk of harm to self or others

4. The individual has a history of non-compliance with treatment for mental illness and is unlikely to voluntarily participate in necessary treatment.

Individuals will not meet medical necessity for inpatient psychiatric care when:

  1. The individual is not a danger to self or others.
  1. The individual’s mental health crisis does not create grave disability.
  1. When the severity of psychiatric illness is not acute and can be treated on an outpatient basis. 
Inpatient psychiatrical services

Benefits of Inpatient Psychiatric Services

The purpose of inpatient care is to provide a safe, secure space for you to focus on your strengths while receiving medication management for stabilization. You will work with a team of psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists to identify:

Our goal is to provide you with the foundation for long-term recovery and community reintegration.

You Deserve The Best

The inpatient psychiatry unit at the Facilities provides coordinated care for the unique needs of older adults in crisis to improve their quality of life and well-being. Patients typically stay up to 14 days under this program. Our facilities treat depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis including delusions and hallucinations, and Self-destructive or threatening behavior